Entreprise et Citoyenneté

At Henkel, Corporate Citizenship is our way of “Making Society Future-fit”: with our activities, we empower people through education that provides them with the skillsets and competencies that lead to innovative ideas, sustainable behavior, and new digital solutions. We work together with our employees and retirees, customers, consumers, and NGOs to actively contribute to social progress and give back to our communities contributions that improve our society and adhere to our purpose and corporate values.

Deeply embedded in our corporate culture is the drive and character of Corporate Citizenship to go beyond our core daily business and make a voluntary social commitment. With these efforts, we are letting our communities know with more than words that we are Pioneers at Heart for the Good of Generations.

Bénévolat :

Nous soutenons nos employés et retraités dans leur engagement social à travers le programme « Make an Impact on Tomorrow »

Partenariats sociaux :

En matière de partenariat social, nous soutenons des initiatives sociales et des institutions publiques sur les sites Henkel à travers le monde

Aide d'urgence :

Lorsque des catastrophes naturelles surviennent dans le monde, Henkel intervient de manière rapide et efficace en apportant son aide par le biais de la fondation « Fritz Henkel Stiftung »